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BR Caddie’s unique cloud based platform was developed specifically to be easy to use for every business owner, providing remote access to a full range of tools and systems from any internet enabled device. This easy and affordable solution serves as a single source for streamlining a range of operational and risk management processes. Some of the benefits include:

Savings On Investment™

When it comes to SOI, no other system gives business owners the potential Savings On Investment as the BR Caddie software. The small membership fee for BR Caddie can save you thousands in lawsuits, liability, and claims. For example, our Certificate Tracking software can help you avoid financial liability, should there be an incident involving a vendor, supplier or consultant. And using the HR tools can help you avoid employee issues that can incur costly legal fees.

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Return On Investment

ROI is on the mind of every business owner for every expense. The ROI from BR Caddie pays for the membership many times over, and can be realized in many ways. Some of the ROI you can find inside includes:

  • Time (payroll) savings from the systems automation
  • Savings on renewals by using the contract management tool. The national average is a 1-7% increase on contract auto renewals.
  • Payroll savings on the increased efficiency and ability of the system to maximize available work hours.
  • Access to the HR information and tools is included. This alone would cost more than the BR Caddie membership, if you were to obtain this service with an HR service provider directly.
Incredible Value

If purchased separately, access to this amount of information and tools would be many times the price of BR Caddie.

Real Time Corporate Control

BR Caddie gives your corporate office real time control and an overview of all of your properties and staff. Information on Contracts, Certificates, Claims, Events and more are at your fingertips, 24/7.


You no longer need to be bound to a broker, carrier or other service provider, and have concerns of losing your data if you make a change.

One Stop, Easy to Use Resource

No more scrambling around, looking for information in multiple filing cabinets or logging into a different website for every tool you need. Tired of needing information that you left at the office? It’s right here on BR Caddie.

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Peace of Mind

Sleep better knowing that your team has the information and systems they need, to help keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Staff Changes

Unfortunately, turnover is a part of every business. BR Caddie helps new staff members get up to speed quickly and easily, by simply logging in. Nothing gets lost, forgotten or falls through the cracks, when you’re using BR Caddie to help manage your staff transitions.


BR Caddie can co-brand the user interface with your company logo, so that everyone can see the systems and value that sets your team apart from the others.

Intuitive Navigation & Interface

BR Caddie is NOT a program that you will spend 30 minutes relearning or trying to figure out every time you log in. Using BR Caddie requires minimal computer skills to access all of the valuable tools and resources. Intuitive, user-friendly features are provided throughout the entire site.